• Mounted Universal Damper Drive

  • EB-250 w/EB-UDD & EB-SP1

  • EB-200 w/EB-UDD & SP8

  • EB-250 w/EB-UDD & SP8

Remotely controlled battery-powered airflow balancing dampers can be adjusted at a wall or ceiling access point near the air outlet or from a remote mechanical room (as shown), avoiding visible termination points in common areas altogether. Common wall mount hardware can be used to gang the wire terminations for up to 8 dampers.

Electro-Balance® Popularity Continues to Expand Nationwide

In the market for more than a decade, with more than 50,000 installations worldwide, the Electro-Balance® Remote Control Battery-Powered Balancing Damper popularity continues to grow.

Some of the cities with significant sales growth and recent installations include Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Central Florida, Washington, DC, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Texas.

“The EB has really taken off. I have seen it as the specified product on plans – mostly in high end finish spaces like retail and car dealerships. I’m constantly hearing that it is really easy to install and operate.”

– Sales Rep

What Makes Battery-Powered So Popular?

Our UL classified Electro-Balance battery-powered airflow balancing dampers offer remote operation, like the manually-operated model, but provide many additional benefits:

  • No Hard Wiring is required – snap fit connectors
  • Motor has been tested for 100k cycles – power is in the hand-held remote control via a 9-volt battery.
  • Plenum-rated wiring can be routed in a central location to house up to 8 units into 1 termination port
  • Cost savings for runs greater than 8ft

Who’s Choosing Battery-Powered Dampers, and Why?

This simple product solves problems for many different groups involved in building construction and management.

  • Architects–appreciate the elimination of unsightly access panels and the assurance that architectural features won’t be damaged to gain access to ducts for adjustment
  • Engineers–depend on the reliability and performance
  • Contractors–are impressed with the complete product kits and ease of installation and labor saving
  • Balancing Technicians–prize the ease of use and time savings when balancing or rebalancing airflow
  • Building Managers–appreciate the cost savings related to time and preservation of structure

The dampers are being used primarily in high-end finished spaces such as municipal buildings, retail spaces, car dealerships, hospitals, casinos, residential and commercial buildings and theme parks.

“The design allows us to address the comfort needs of individual tenants by adjusting airflow within their space. And the best part is we can do it all remotely – from our mechanical room. No more going from office to office and dragging a ladder back and forth. The efficiencies are priceless.”

– Building Manager

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