Protect Personnel and Equipment Against Multiple Blast Loads

Install M.A.T. Blast Dampers to protect building air intake, exhaust and vent openings, and ensure your people and equipment are protected against potential blast loads.

The BL-201 series blast dampers, manufactured by M.A.T., are designed and tested to protect equipment and personnel against blasts and instantaneous pressure changes from industrial vapor cloud explosions and other disturbances. Testing performed by Baker Risk demonstrates the damper’s ability to absorb successive blast loads from 3 psi to 16 psi and remain operational (see summary of test results below for specimen #2, a 32” x 32” ID damper). Blast protection up to 3 bar (43.5 psi) and multiple blast load protection up to 1 bar (14.5 psi).

Typical applications are protection of air intake and exhaust openings and building vent openings. Typical building installations include control & instrumentation rooms and sub-stations on petrochemical facilities, power generation plants, military facilities, mining facilities, laboratories, and high risk government offices.

M.A.T. blast dampers can be surface mounted to exterior walls and roof structures or duct mounted.

The blast damper can be paired with M.A.T.’s BD-200-HD pressure relief damper to provide pressure relief in vent openings while limiting conditioned air loss, or in fire fighting applications to provide the required pressure relief during fire suppression system gas release.

Model BL-201 has been AMCA tested for pressure drop performance and is ATEX certified for use in explosive atmospheres.

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Table ES-1. Summary of Test Results

TestTest SpecimenApplied Peak Pressure (psi) Applied Impulse (psi-ms) Damper Closing Time (ms) Response Description
1116.3147711Damper remained operable
Damper blade had 1/8” permanent deflection
223.212830Damper remained operable
No damage caused in test
325.822920Damper remained operable
No damage caused in test
428.737017Damper remained operable
No damage caused in test
5211.175316Damper remained operable
No damage caused in test
6216.2143912Damper remained operable
No damage caused in test