• BD-200-HD-FS Pressure Relief Damper

  • Counterbalance weights mounted to damper blades

Our Custom Pressure Relief Dampers Ship Calibrated for Inert Gas Fire Suppression System Venting Applications

The BD-200-HD-FS Pressure Relief Damper

MAT’s fire-resistant, custom pressure relief damper is designed for inert gas and CO2 fire suppression system venting* and similar low back pressure applications that require specific opening pressures.

Built with the same heavy-duty construction as the BD-200-HD pressure relief damper, the BD-200-HD-FS is configured at the factory to open at designated pressures required during fire suppression system gas release.

Features & Benefits

  • Standard settings
    • Start to open pressure > 20 Pa.
    • Full venting achieved < 100 Pa
  • 2 hr fire resistance (third party tested to UL 555)
    • Testing performed on the BD-200-HD pressure relief damper which uses the same construction as the BD-200-HD-FS
  • Maximum velocity – 4000 fpm
  • Counterbalance weights mounted to damper blades
  • Ships pre-calibrated, saving time and labor
  • Alternate opening pressures can be configured

Download BD-200-HD-FS Fire Resistant Pressure Relief Damper Spec Sheet  >

Download Third Party Fire Resistance Test Report  >

*IG-01 (100% Argon), IG-100 (100% Nitrogen), IG-55 (50% Nitrogen, 50% Argon), IG-541 (52% Nitrogen, 40% Argon & 8% CO2) AND Carbon Dioxide (CO2)