There’s Another Common Theme among Disney Parks Around the World: Remotely Operated Balancing Dampers.

Disney’s theme parks are the latest in a growing group of developments around the world that are specifying remotely operated balancing dampers, designed and manufactured by Metropolitan Air Technology (MAT).

MAT’s remotely operated balancing dampers are quickly becoming the standard in today’s modern architecture. The damper design delivers on architectural demands that require the elimination of unsightly duct access panels. MAT’s dampers allow for remote access for airflow balancing. Adjustments to airflow are made at remote termination points that are nearly invisible. This feature allows for the design and preservation of ornate ceilings, like the structures found at Disney parks.

Disney engineers actually adjusted their design to work with the MAT dampers. “The architects that design those iconic Disney structures require mechanical solutions to accommodate their intricate architectural detailing,” noted Mike Blaha, M.A.T. General Manager. “Our remotely operated dampers solve the problem that has plagued them, and so many other architects and engineers around the world, for decades.”

  • Disney park locations that have utilized MAT’s remotely operated balancing dampers include:
    Walt Disney World – Orlando, FL (Star Wars Attraction, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom,
    and Downtown Disney)
  • Shanghai Disney – Shanghai, China

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