Downtown Doha Project: Close-Up

The Downtown Doha Project Shines Bright On the Surface and Deep Within Its Walls. A Closer Look at How Metropolitan Air Technology’s Remotely Operated Dampers Provide Airflow Control Benefits, and Support the Vision.

In a region where design boundaries are constantly tested, the challenges of maintaining architectural vision throughout building design and construction phases are great.

A closer look at airflow control solutions at the Downtown Doha Project unveils the depth to which project architects and engineers have gone to assure the project’s success.

Respectful of Design

Metropolitan Air Technology (MAT), a USA company, delivers on airflow adjustment solutions that meet high design standards with their remotely operated balancing dampers.

There no longer is a need to break into finished walls to adjust dampers, use of hazardous scaffolding to reach areas with limited access, or the need for unsightly access panels.

MAT’s manually operated dampers are controlled by rotary actuation cables that can be routed inside or outside of the airstream. The dampers can be adjusted at the face of the air outlet or at ceiling or wall surface termination points as small as 25mm in diameter. Battery powered dampers allow easy routing of wiring to central control room, avoiding visible termination points in common areas.

The ceiling terminations are prepared for painting or finish to match interior design requirements.

“We knew our products would meet the architectural demands and support the sustainability goals of the project. We are proud to be associated with it, and excited by the opportunity this has brought us with other projects in the region.”

Mike Blaha, Metropolitan Air Technology

Efficient Airflow and Balancing

The environmental demands placed on HVAC systems require airflow balancing after building interiors are complete. When damper access is restricted balancing is often avoided and heating and cooling efficiencies are lost.

With remotely operated dampers, access and adjustments are easy and time-efficient.

Supporting Sustainability

A properly balanced HVAC system provides the most efficient heating and cooling throughout, and as important, it improves occupant comfort.

Contractor and Installer Approved

The dampers are delivered pre-assembled, minimizing on-site installation time and are based on a simple operating design.

With international distributorships, access to products and parts ensure availability to meet even the tightest schedules.

Cost Effective

In addition to the features that support design integrity and provide efficiencies in installation, MAT’s dampers are affordable and economical.

World Proven

MAT’s remotely operated dampers have been installed in many well-known buildings and organizations throughout the world, including the Field Museum in Chicago, Harvard University, John Hopkins Hospital, Tiffany & Co, Walt Disney World and Disney Shanghai, Art Gallery of Ontario, Trump Tower of Chicago, and the Hamad International Airport.