When you have invested millions, don’t overlook a $400 vent. An inert gas fire suppression system without proper venting puts everything at risk.

Top Things to Know

Pressure Relief Vents are Not Optional.

Pressure relief vents are essential in protecting your assets in the unfortunate event of a fire. Vents are designed to quickly displace the air in the compromised room and allow a non-flammable agent to extinguish the fire.

Sizing the Proper Pressure Relief Vent(s) is Important – And It’s Easy!

The volume and other factors of your space, determine the vent area and number of vents required for fast and efficient venting. Reference manufacturer guidelines or FSSA’s Application Guide for Estimating Enclosure Pressure and Pressure Relief Vent Area for details.  Once you have the appropriate information, selecting the correct size vent(s) for your space is easy.

The Value of Pressure Relief Vents Far Outweighs the Cost.

While being a key component of fire suppression system optimization, vents assume a very low percentage of overall project cost. That makes installing vents an easy decision.

Choosing Quality Pressure Relief Vents Will Give You a Sense of Relief.

Alleviate your worries with MAT heavy-duty pressure relief vents, specifically designed and calibrated for inert gas and CO2 fire protection systems.

Manufactured proudly in the USA, MAT heavy-duty pressure relief vents offer a modern venting solution. A uniquely engineered tension concept is employed to allow the dampers to remain closed until exactly the point where they need to open quickly for proper venting. This is achieved using a combination of assist-to-open counterbalance weights and calibrated magnetic latches. The vents begin opening at pressures greater than 20Pa. and achieve full venting quickly and at less than 100 Pa.

MAT Pressure Relief Vents Provide Many Benefits.
  • Unique design (tension concept)
  • Quality construction
  • Pre-engineered
  • Shipped pre-calibrated
  • Ready to install
  • Maintenance free
  • Fully fire-rated
  • Proven worldwide performance
  • Made in the USA

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Proven Applications With Installations Around The World.

Below is a partial project reference list for the supply of fire resistant pressure relief vents. Download the info sheet for more.

  • Naffco (UAE) – (2015-2022) Multiple Projects
  • Tyco Fire & Security (UAE) – (2016-2020) Multiple projects
  • AdGas New CCB & HMI Upgrade at Das Island – Abu Dhabi (2017)
  • Nova Chemicals AST2 Plant – Ontario, Canada (2019)
  • West Virginia University – Engineering Sciences Building, USA (2020)
  • US Government – Operational Support Buildings (2022)