American Manufacturer Expands Contribution to Msheireb Downtown Doha Project.

Metropolitan Air Technology delivered on occupant comfort requirements in Phase 1 of the project, with their unique line of airflow
balancing dampers.

MAT’s full commercial damper line, including modulating smoke dampers, was selected for Phase 3 of the project.

The Msheireb Downtown Doha Project is a collaboration of Msheireb Partners and industry leaders and experts in order to align the architectural design of the past with the latest in eco-friendly technologies.

In Phase 1 of the project, Metropolitan Air Technology (MAT), a USA company, delivered on airflow balancing solutions that met the project’s occupant comfort requirements and high design standards with their remotely-operated balancing dampers. New development phases include the addition of the companies fire and smoke damper product lines.

Meeting Project Occupant Comfort Requirements

The environmental demands placed on HVAC systems in the region magnified the need for proper airflow balancing. When damper access is restricted by hard (gypsum) ceilings or mechanical systems interference, balancing is often avoided. The result is poor occupant comfort and a loss of heating and cooling efficiencies. MAT’s remotely operated balancing dampers provided a simple, low cost solution for damper access problems.

MAT’s Roto-Twist® remotely-operated dampers are controlled by rotary actuation cables that can be routed inside or outside of the ductwork and terminated behind the air outlet, or at a remote wall or ceiling location. Damper adjustment can be performed at the face of the air outlet, or at ceiling or wall surface termination points as small as 25mm in diameter. This eliminates the need for unsightly access panels, thereby preserving the project’s design standards.

Electro-Balance® battery-powered dampers allow easy routing of wiring to central control room, avoiding visible termination points in common areas altogether.

“MAT’s complete line of UL classified modulating fire and smoke dampers was specified for Phase 3. The dampers provide airflow regulation and fire and smoke control, thereby eliminating the need for a separate volume control damper.”

Meeting Project Sustainability Requirements

Sustainability is central to the Msheireb project, in terms of both the conservation of natural resources and the quality of its design. The entire project features sustainable design that consumes fewer resources, generates less waste, costs less to operate, and achieves a reduced carbon footprint.

All buildings within the development will target an average Gold rating under the internationally recognized LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification system developed by the US Green Building Council. As members of the U.S. Green Building Council, MAT designs their products to aid in LEED certification of the buildings in which they are installed.

Product Line Expansion

In Phase 3 of the project, MAT’s full line of HVAC dampers, including UL classified modulating fire and smoke dampers, was installed. These dampers provide airflow regulation and fire and smoke control, thereby eliminating the need for a separate volume control damper. Because of the operating demands of dual application, modulating fire and smoke dampers must meet high performance standards to receive UL approval.

In addition to modulating fire and smoke dampers, MAT’s standard fire and smoke dampers, volume control dampers and remotely operated balancing dampers were supplied.

MAT’s products have been installed in many well-known buildings and organizations throughout the world, including the Field Museum in Chicago, Harvard University, John Hopkins Hospital, Tiffany & Co, Walt Disney World and Disney Shanghai, Art Gallery of Ontario, Trump Tower of Chicago, and the Hamad International Airport.

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