Grant Gallinger Outlines MAT Custom Solutions

Create new sales opportunities and increase profitability when you integrate MAT capabilities into your value proposition.

Watch Grant’s video to learn how >

Product Integration

Incorporate products from our line of dampers into your products for added value.

  • A more complete solution
  • Greater product differentiation
  • Better meet market needs

Engineering Services

Leverage our team of engineers, ready to assist in your product design.

  • Free up engineering capacity
  • Add additional capabilities
  • Troubleshooting and problem-solving assistance

Learn about our wide range of available service offerings >

Add-On Manufacturing

Utilize our modern manufacturing facility and assembly expertise .

  • Strengthen your supply chain and improve delivery performance
  • Focus your resources on high margin products, and outsource others to a trusted partner
  • Gain extra manufacturing capacity when needed
  • Outsource components, sub-assemblies, or finished products

We would like to be your trusted outsource partner.

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