MAT Custom Solutions

Draw immediately upon our wide range of available service offerings to complement your capabilities and accelerate your growth.

Product Design Assistance

Draw from our decades of engineering experience to help find innovative solutions to problems ranging from simple to complex.

Co-op Marketing

Incorporate MAT product into your OEM product and we will work with you to promote the sale.

Rapid Product Development

Fast track new product development in as little as 2 weeks, leveraging our expertise in 3D printing.

Packaging, Stocking and Delivery Programs

Use private labeling & packaging and stocking services to ship direct to your customers.

SolidWorks Design Platform
Benefit from our computer-aided design capabilities for faster and more accurate product depiction.

FEA Simulation (Finite Elemental Analysis)
Find quicker and less expensive design validation tools with our FEA and structural simulation capabilities.

Air Flow Modeling (CFD)
Utilize our powerful computational capabilities to support your product development and keep you ahead of the competition.

Product Configuration
Employ our powerful DriveWorks product configurator software to quickly configure custom products, gather pricing and generate drawings.

We would like to be your trusted outsource partner.