Designed for Applications Requiring Specific Damper Opening Pressures

BD-200-HD-FS Pressure Relief Damper

M.A.T.’s pressure relief damper provides pressure relief in vent openings while limiting conditioned air loss, or in fire fighting applications to provide the required pressure relief during fire suppression system gas release.


  • Standard settings
    • Start to open pressure > 20 Pa.
    • Full venting achieved < 100 Pa
  • 2 hr fire resistance (tested to UL 555)
  • Maximum velocity – 4000 fpm
  • Counterbalance weights mounted to damper blades
  • Alternate opening pressures can be configured

Choose Protection & Relief in One Package

BL-201 Series Blast Damper & BD-200-HD Pressure Relief Damper

M.A.T.’s blast damper/pressure relief damper combination provides blast protection and effective pressure relief for fire suppression systems. The damper package also improves blast pressure impulse capture, thereby decreasing pass through leakage.

Assembly Includes

  • ATEX certified blast damper
  • 2 hr fire resistant rated pressure relief damper with debris grid
  • A sleeve to connect both dampers (as necessary, depending on wall thickness and counterbalance method)
  • Optional blast-side debris grid

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