Eliminate Unsightly Access Panels and Simplify Air Flow Balancing with Our Remotely Operated Balancing Dampers

MAT’s remotely operated balancing dampers offer the architectural and design community an attractive solution for balancing branch ducts and takeoffs located behind hard ceilings. These unique dampers:

  • Preserve ceiling design aesthetics by eliminating the need for unsightly access panels
  • Allow for damper adjustment when mechanical systems interference prevent access
  • Save time and labor in installation and HVAC system balancing
  • Provide easy access for rebalancing if needed

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How they work

Our remotely operated balancing dampers allow for room side damper adjustment when access to the ductwork is restricted by hard (gypsum) or high ceilings. The damper line consists of cable operated and battery powered dampers. Both designs offer models that allow damper adjustment through the face of the air outlet or from a remote access point in a wall, ceiling, or closet. Cable operated dampers are adjusted via rotary cable actuation using either a nut driver or screwdriver. UL Classified battery powered dampers utilize a hand held remote to supply power and open and close the dampers. Wall or ceiling surface terminations that are used for remote access points can be as small as a coin, making them almost invisible. Terminations can be mounted in areas with easy access, avoiding the need for lifts and additional equipment that could damage the structure.