• Electro-Balance® Radial Damper

  • EB-250 Round Damper

  • EB-200 Rectangular Damper

When Design Matters – Electro-Balance® Battery Powered Balancing Dampers

Our UL classified Electro-Balance® series of round and rectangular battery powered dampers are designed to allow damper adjustment from a small access point in the ceiling or wall, or from a nearby mechanical closet. Plenum rated wiring is routed from the damper to the room side access point and the DC power connector is positioned for easy access. Snap fit wiring connections eliminate the need for any wire crimping. An LED array is used to indicate damper blade position. The dampers are adjusted using a hand held remote powered by a 9V battery. Dampers ship fully assembled, requiring only three simple steps for installation. The wall or ceiling surface interface options can be as small as a coin, making them almost invisible.

Electro-Balance Battery Powered Damper Systems

EB-150 Radial Damper

EB-250 Round Damper & Damper Drive System

EB-200 Rectangular Damper & Damper Drive System