• Roto-Twist® 150 Series Round Damper

  • Roto-Twist® 100 Series Rectangular Damper

  • RT-250 Round Damper

Take-off Duct Balancing Made Simple

The Roto-Twist® series of radial, round, and rectangular cable operated dampers are designed to allow damper adjustment through the face or the diffuser or grille, or from a small access point in the ceiling or wall. The rotary actuation cable is routed from the damper to the room side access point and the cable tip is positioned for easy access. The dampers are adjusted using a nut driver or flat head screwdriver. Dampers ship fully assembled, requiring only three simple steps for installation.

Roto-Twist Cable Operated Damper Systems

RT-150 Radial Damper

RT-180 Oval Damper

RT-100 Rectangular Damper

RT-250 Round Damper

RT-200 Rectangular Damper