Preserve Your Ceiling Design Aesthetics

Our Remotely Operated Balancing Dampers Minimize or Completely Eliminate the Need for Ceiling Penetrations

The standard in high-end North American architectural design for over 25 years, our dampers can be found in some of the most prestigious buildings in the world.

As architecture continues to test boundaries in design, conventional airflow systems, specifically balancing dampers, fail to meet the demands for less visually intrusive solutions. Our dampers offer the architectural and design community an attractive alternative to ceiling access panels while maintaining the functionality required by engineers.

Balancing dampers are adjusted to meet specified HVAC system airflow requirements during building testing and commissioning. When hard (drywall) ceilings eliminate access to the dampers, the engineering consultant can choose to install access panels or utilize MAT’s remotely operated dampers. Our damper designs minimize the damper adjustment access point to the size of a coin or eliminate the need for any ceiling penetrations altogether by allowing damper adjustment through the air outlet or from a remote location.

An Easy to Install, Affordable, Solution

Our complete line of manual and battery-powered dampers save time and labor in installation and HVAC system balancing (or rebalancing) when ducting is located behind hard ceilings.

Available in round, rectangular and new oval options our Remotely Operated Balancing Dampers offer the following benefits:

  • Eliminates unsightly access panels
  • Preserves ceiling aesthetics
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • Cost effective & affordable
  • Saves time and minimizes ceiling disruptions during balancing and rebalancing
“Their remotely operated balancing dampers were the only solution that could meet our high design expectations. They are invisible to the eye, yet highly functional.”

Basem Khalil, MEP Project Manager, Consolidated Contractors Company

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