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Simple Damper Serves Complex Design

Remotely operated balancing dampers allow airflow balancing where access is limited, like the impressive Shanghai Disneyland.

Considered one of the worlds top brands, Disney’s theme park success resides in it’s ability to manage every detail to ensure the ultimate customer experience. Their product choice for building airflow balancing throughout Shanghai Disneyland was no exception.

Metropolitan Air Technology’s (MAT), remotely operated balancing dampers were chosen to ensure optimal customer comfort by allowing airflow balancing adjustments to inaccessible dampers within the theme park’s complex structures.

Airflow Balancing Solution for Inaccessible Systems

The dampers are simple in design, but deliver great value where architectural design is paramount and accessibility is often limited. The dampers eliminate the need to break into finished walls for adjustment, use of hazardous scaffolding to reach areas with limited access, or the need for unsightly access panels.

The manually operated balancing dampers, used in the Shanghai Disneyland structures, are controlled by rotary actuation cables that were routed outside of the airstream. The dampers are adjusted at ceiling surface termination points as small as 25mm in diameter. The ceiling terminations are prepared for painting or finish to match interior design requirements.

“Access to balancing dampers was extremely limited because of the ornate structures throughout the park. MAT’s remotely operated balancing dampers allowed us complete access for balancing after construction, without disturbing architectural detail. It was clearly the solution for Disney. The dampers have performed flawlessly.”

Yugen Zhao, Shanghai Ark Enterprise Ltd

Ensuring Visitor Comfort

When damper access is restricted balancing is often avoided and heating and cooling efficiencies are lost. With remotely operated dampers, access and adjustments are easy and time efficient. A properly balanced HVAC system provides the most efficient heating and cooling throughout, and as important, it improves visitor comfort.

Plenty of Options to Offer

MAT offers manual and battery powered airflow dampers, with options for operating inside or outside of the airstream. Inside the airstream applications require no access panels or wall or ceiling termination points, as damper adjustment is made by cable or wire concealed within the duct. Battery powered dampers designed for adjustment outside of the airstream allow easy routing of wiring to central control rooms, avoiding visible termination points in common areas altogether. MAT also offers products that allow for individual space air volume control that can be retrofitted to existing forced air systems.


Product Facts

Metropolitan Air Technology Remotely Operated Dampers

  • Over 500,000 units installed
  • Eliminates unsightly access panels
  • No need for hazardous scaffolding to reach ducts with limited access
  • Balancing is performed without breaking into finished walls or ceilings
  • Quality construction and design
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Save time and labor on balancing and rebalancing
  • Availability through international distributors