• Radial Damper

  • Solo-Control™ Push Button Damper Controller

Comfort Control Technology

MAT’s Comfort Control products provide room occupants the various methods of controlling the temperature in their space, either through single zone control or via a sophisticated Building Intelligence solution that uses predictive analytics to proactively maintain occupant comfort while also optimizing HVAC unit operation to reduce energy consumption.

  • Allows for Individual Room Adjustment


Solo-Control® Individual Air Volume Control System is a simple solution for individual room comfort control. Push button damper adjustment allows room occupants to increase or decrease the flow of conditioned air into their space. The system includes the MAT wall control unit and radial damper or externally activated damper.

Individual Comfort & Control

  • Allows individual room occupants to adjust the flow of conditioned air into their space to match their comfort requirements
  • Simple push button wall controller is used to open and close a damper
  • Low Cost & Easy Installation
  • Self-contained units can be installed in just minutes with snap fit connectors and require no programming or electrical work

Fully Compatible

  • Available for new or existing construction
  • Can be used in place of, or in addition to, a balancing damper
  • Compatible with all round and rectangular HVAC ducting
  • Battery powered or 24VAC input
  • Radial damper and external damper drive are UL Classified

Dynamic Airflow Balancing

In partnership with 75F, MAT offers Dynamic Airflow Balancing. This product incorporates MAT Smart dampers into a full HVAC Building Intelligence solution that uses predictive analytics to develop the optimal strategy for achieving occupant comfort and energy savings.

Sense, Analyze and Control

In contrast to a reactive building automation system, Dynamic Airflow Balancing is proactive. Using Internet of Things (IoT) sensors that gather data from occupant spaces, the system uses machine learning to model the thermal behavior of the building and proactively instructs HVAC unit operation and balancing damper position. The system also creates a continuous dialog between multiple HVAC units in a building, ensuring they work together to reduce energy usage.

  • Energy savings ranging from 30-70%
  • Easy to install
  • Enclosure mounts anywhere within the RTU
  • Increases comfort
  • Easy to use

For more information visit http://www.75f.io or Contact MAT

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