Vanishing Act. Airflow Balancing Damper Design Grows in Popularity as it Vanishes from Sight.

Metropolitan Air Technology’s Remotely Operated Balancing Dampers Meet Architectural Design Demands at the Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies.

As architecture continues to test boundaries in design, conventional airflow systems, specifically balancing dampers, fail to meet the demands for less visually intrusive solutions. Metropolitan Air Technology (MAT) delivers a solution that is catching the eye of architects internationally, primarily because of what they don’t see.

Maintains Architectural Design Integrity

MAT, a USA company, delivers on airflow adjustment solutions that meet high design standards with their remotely operated balancing dampers.

Their design avoids the need for unsightly access panels or the need to break into finished ceilings to adjust dampers. It also eliminates the need for hazardous scaffolding to reach areas with limited access.

MAT has manual and battery powered damper options. The manually operated dampers are controlled by rotary actuation cables that can be routed inside or outside of the airstream. The dampers can be adjusted at the face of the air outlet or at ceiling or wall surface termination points as small as 25mm in diameter. The ceiling terminations are prepared for painting or finish to match interior design requirements. Battery powered dampers allow easy routing of wiring to central control rooms, avoiding visible termination points in common areas altogether.

Delivers on Value

The Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies’ irregular building shape and large footprint (205m x 150m) presented many challenges for ductwork system designers. In addition, aesthetic constraints from the client, along with ceiling structure and design, did not permit the use of access panels. Finally, the height of the ceiling and the non-uniform structure limited access to above ceiling areas. MAT dampers were installed without complications. The remotely operated damper design allowed ceiling finish to progress prior to testing. Testing and balancing were completed very quickly and without disruption to other disciplines.

In addition to the features that support design integrity and provide testing and balancing efficiencies, MAT’s dampers are affordable and can be easily and quickly installed.

“Their remotely operated balancing dampers were the only solution that could meet our high design expectations. They are invisible to the eye, yet highly functional.”

Basem Khalil, MEP Project Manager, Consolidated Contractors Company

Proven Throughout the World

“Our focus is on manufacturing quality balancing dampers that uphold architectural design standards, deliver value, and are easy to install. Architects around the world have been responding enthusiastically,” noted Basem Khalil, MEP Project Manager, Consolidated Contractors Company

MAT’s remotely operated dampers have been installed in many well-known buildings and organizations throughout the world, including the Field Museum in Chicago, Harvard University, John Hopkins Hospital, Tiffany & Co, Walt Disney World and Disney Shanghai, Art Gallery of Ontario, Trump Tower of Chicago, and the Hamad International Airport.


Other Regional Projects

Product Facts

  • Metropolitan Air Technology Remotely Operated Dampers
  • Over 1800 remotely operated dampers specified for the project
  • Eliminates unsightly access panels
  • No need for hazardous scaffolding to reach ducts with limited access
  • Balancing is performed without breaking into finished walls or ceilings
  • Quality construction and design
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Save time and labor on balancing and rebalancing
  • Availability through international distributors